Audiobook Sample: Cold Justice

Audiobook Sample: Cold Justice

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A motiveless murder. A corrupt politician. A judge on trial.

Five years ago, when Akash Hingorani won a trial in court for his friends Priti and Vansh Diwan, he lost his heart to the presiding judge, Shilpa Singh. But the passionate start to their relationship would meet a swift end. And then, nine months after the affair is over, Akash gets a call for help from Judge Shilpa Singh. Arrested in situ—at the scene of the crime—with a knife in her hand, she has been charged with first-degree murder. To make matters worse, the police seem determined to ignore all other evidence that points towards a corrupt politician who had threatened Shilpa while she presided over an ongoing trial against him. The murder charge against Shilpa could easily derail his trial.

Two of India’s best defense lawyers, Akash and Vansh jointly take up the case, but they soon realize they are pitted against one of the sharpest prosecuting brains in the country, Ravi Nanda, who is always a step ahead of them both, and pulls the carpet from under their firm feet. Twice.

In this heart-stopping new thriller from India’s bestselling crime writer, the law itself is baffled and a verdict seems impossible . . .