THE OFFICE: Fight Clean

  • 2021.11.22
  • UFC
THE OFFICE: Fight Clean

Do you fight dirty?

Before you answer too quickly, know that I’m not asking about some UFC brawl that’s resorted to biting and hitting below the belt. Nope. I’m talking about those arguments, conflicts, and moments of tension all of us have from time to time.

It could be a disagreement with a friend, rude comments from a co-worker, or a fundamental misunderstanding with a spouse, parent, or child of yours. None of us is immune to conflict, but how we walk through it can sometimes feel like walking through a field of land mines.

Many of us have learned dysfunctional patterns of dealing with conflict, and some of those are unhealthy. Unfortunately, we all have learned some fighting tactics that don’t help resolve the disputes but do more damage than good. It’s those patterns that are what we’ll discover and highlight in our teaching time this Sunday. In addition, we’ll learn some powerful and helpful strategies for working through conflict together.

Instead of resorting to our well-worn “dirty” fighting tendencies, we’ll begin to recognize them and work together to make changes that will be healthy and helpful.

Join us this week for our final week of “The Office: Emotionally Healthy Relationships” as we learn to “Fight Cleanly” and lay the groundwork for years of healthy conflict resolution in the future.

See you in-person or online this Sunday at Journey’s Crossing at 9:15 or 11:15 am! Bring a friend or two with you, and you’ll be further down the path to a healthy connection with each other.

Lastly, I promise we won’t try any UFC or WWF fighting moves, but you will laugh and learn to love others better!