Mortgage Declined

Mortgage Declined


Buying your first home or remortgaging for a better rate, can be really exciting, with a steady household income, job security, and maybe some blips in the past, and only to be told by your mortgage adviser, you’ve been declined, can’t go with this lender or be told to try again in 6 months.

Rockstar Mortgages often hear this too often, after some in-depth questioning of what happened was quite something else. We differ from others and take pride in our policies.

There are protocols and procedures to follow when applying for a mortgage, after all, You have big dreams and a place you would like to call home someday.

Having someone you can trust who understands your needs like Rockstar Mortgages with ‘Certificate of Excellence’ looks at the bigger picture. No stone is left unturned, no duplication of documents, and never be asked the same questions twice.

If this sounds like a service you would like from a professional with protocols, talk to us, and listen to how we handle your application from an Award-Winning Mortgage Adviser of the Year.

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