Tanja Liedke Fellowship Video of Interest

Tanja Liedke Fellowship Video of Interest

Hello there,

My name is Aaron, I am a 26 year old artist from Australia and I have been living in Berlin since 2019.
I graduated from the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts Honours program ‘LINK Dance Company’ in the year 2017, after which I left to Europe and eventually found myself in Berlin. Since then I have worked as a dancer with many companies, individuals and collectives on a variety of projects and performances.

I have been a part of the dance collective Luna Park since 2019, which is a collective under the directorship of choreographer Kosmas Kosmopolous. The collective performs and rehearses in Berlin and Greece throughout the year.

As well as being involved in work with companies, collectives and other individuals, I am also in the process of emerging as the director of my own artistic pursuits.
In 2020 I created a short dance film called ‘Actually it’s Quite Tasty’, that won 3rd place in ‘Brilliantly Dark: in unprecedented times’, the dance film competition run by you, the Tanja Liedjke foundation. In 2021 I did a project for ‘Impermanence Dance Theater’ as a part of DECADE Dance and have been in the creation process of a contemporary duo called ‘Birds of Paradise’ which started with a 4 week residency at Trauma Bar und Kino in 2020 and was taken up by the Initiative Luna Park for funding during this year. We are expected to have an in progress showing at Ufer Studios alongside a selection of other works at the end of December. I plan to have a finished work and a children’s version of the work finished in the first half of next year.

I am trying to be better at planning for the future, because I get very focused on the things I am doing in the present. Having this residency would be a great opportunity to think about what will come after the ‘Birds of Paradise’ project and be a real help in establishing myself as an up and coming choreographer in Berlin’s dance scene. It will also give me the opportunity to start networking with my peers in a whole new way, which will be nice after so long being socially distant due to Covid-19. I also look forward to taking part in workshops, which is something I can often not afford myself and have the opportunity to take a closer look at what other artists are doing in the scene.